Marianne Tyler Brown

My Chosen Kodaly Quote Of The Week

Here is my chosen quotation of the week. Perhaps a little judgemental as could lead us to discuss ‘what exactly is art?’, but I think as always quality is at the heart of Kodaly’s sentiment, whatever the genre or style… In an age when music can be thrown in to the curriculum as tokenism and children handed poor quality instruments to play, we should look at the quality of the music provision and do our best to ensure the disadvantaged don’t get the worst deal.. difficult to achieve but if we are all aware of this and discuss it can help…during this time of lock down I have been acutely aware that some of my very talented cello pupils have not been able to access online lessons due to technology and poor instruments supplied to them have let them down plus I haven’t been able to be in contact directly due to contracts. For this I feel so sad and look forward to being in a position to resolve this once face to face lessons are possible with this cohort….and to address these inequalities best I can….