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Click the control to hear Chopin Cello Sonata in G minor Opus 65, Largo, performed by Marianne Tyler Brown – Cello and Rie Hashizume – Piano

Click the control to hear Gershwin’s Nice Work If You Can Get It, performed by Marianne Tyler Brown – Cello and Rie Hashizume – Piano

Below are 3 movements from Six Songs arranged for violoncello and piano by Brahms, played by Marianne Tyler Brown (cello) and Rie Hashizume (piano)

In Summer Fields: Opus 86/2

Where noonday sleeps upon the grassy hill I lie and watch the boundless blue above me;
The whirr of tiny wings is never still, The sunlit skies to wondrous visions move me. As o’er me float, along the azure dome, The fair white clouds, like dreamland’s silent legions, My spirit seeks again its long-lost home, And floats with them through heaven’s eternal regions.

Like melodies it floweth: Opus 105/1

Like melodies it floweth, Soft thro’ my spirit calls, Like springtime flow’rs it gloweth, In fragrance downward falls. But when a word would hold it And give it to the eye, As cloudy mist ‘t’ would fold it And vanish as a sigh. And yet; thro rhyme and singing A hidden fragrance lies, Germ mild and still, and bringing Soft moisture to the eyes.

Love Song: Opus 71/5

When my radiant one is nigh, When she roams the meadows, Sweeter carols sound on high, ‘Mid the woodland shadows. When she wills the buds of May, Then are fair the bowers, Where her tender footsteps stray, Brighter bloom the flowers. Without thee the world is dead, I can find no pleasure, E’vry joy for me is fled If without my treasure. Oh my heart’s delight and Queen, Be thou ever near me, Grant me still these joys serene In my heart I’ll wear thee!



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Cello by Anthony Padday 1999

Cello by Anthony Padday 1999