Marianne Tyler Brown

Beginner Piano – Listen& Play PianoTime1&2

May 1st 2020

To All  My Beginner/Primary School Piano Pupils,

I have recorded some audio tracks shown here below as vimeo videos so you can listen to the various pieces we have been working on in recent months. Here you can find grade 1 scales and a selection of pieces from Piano Time 1 and 2… and you should be able to find some pieces you already know so you can listen, practice slowly and try to play along. Don’t worry if it is too fast for you at the moment, just enjoy listening to me playing these lovely pieces for you and then have a go. We can then continue when  lessons start up a again. I will upload some more advanced tracks over the next few weeks. Don’t forget to practice your scales! Good Luck and I look forward to seeing you all again soon! Mrs Tyler Brown/Marianne

Piano Time 1 – Conversation

Piano Time 2 – Piper In The Forest

Piano Time 2 -Page 11

Piano Time 2 – Page 17

Piano Time 2 – Page 15

Piano Time 1 – Page 7

Piano Time 1 – Pages 10,11

Piano Time 2 – Fanfare Finale – final page

Piano Scales Separate Hands C G D Majors 2 cotaves