Marianne Tyler Brown

Symphonic Tots & Kids

Musical Journey Projects

Marianne set up the charity with her highly acclaimed music classes previously supported by The Arts Council, to enable disadvantaged families and children access high quality music tuition from herself and her colleagues.

For the younger age groups ( pre school and primary):

Each themed Lesson includes listening: Live cello or other instrumental performance followed by getting close up to a selection of musical instruments. Music Making: Sing along with live piano/play songs with percussion for younger age groups

School & Youth Projects ( primary, secondary and above)

For the older age groups The musical journey projects offer a bespoke youth string ensemble package where the Musical Journey String Quartet will perform classical and chart music , offer mini master classes and a chance to experience playing a stringed instrument.

Please send me a message to find out about current projects available for your school or community setting.


August 2020: I used to take the children to Symphonic Tots, when they were little. It was a lot of fun with instruments, and every week Marianne used to bring different guests to present an instrument and play for the children. Very enjoyable classes! Thank you for that Marianne! Gabriela

August 2020: I am a childminder and work with an Assistant. We used to take 6 children to weekly Symphonic Tots sessions. These sessions were different from other music sessions. The children had fun whilst learning. We used to sing all the favourite nursery rhymes but with a difference: using different musical instruments, for example the harp, violin etc. Marianne would arrange for musicians to come and play their instruments, eg the harp and the children would have a turn playing with a small harp. We look forward to classes starting again. Anna