Following her postgraduate studies for the Masters in Cultural Management at City University and PhD rearch, Marianne has worked in a variety of music and arts management settings both in community and public/private sector environments including Middlesex University, StreetWise Opera, IAMA and The Alexandra String Quartet. Marianne has recently started her research towards a PhD in music education and cultural management.

Middlesex University

Research Coordinator

Management of the postgraduate performing arts centre at Middlesex University, Project management and administration for external and internal research events including performance events and book launches held at The theatre museum Covent Garden, Somerset House and Hampstead town hall.

Streetwise Opera

Project Manager

Project Management and team leading, fundraising for events and in particular fundraising for a Gala Banquet and Opera performance given by James Bowman at The Banqueting House London 2005. The event included performances by high profile artists alongside homeless workshop participants. Streetwise Opera’s mission is “to give homeless and formerly homeless people opportunities to further their personal development through music participation in music making of the highest professional quality and to promote more positive attitudes towards homeless people.”

IAMA – International Artist Managers’ Association

Event planning and participating in the 2005 international conference in Prague.

The Alexandra String Quartet and Alexandra Ensembles of London

Organising performances and music for weddings and events for a wide range of clients

Symphonic Tots

Director and facilitator for the organisation

Live Cello, Kodaly Method,Hand Bells and Other Quality Percussion and Visiting Professional Orchestral Instrumentalists (violin,cello,harp,piano,guitar,mandolin,banjo,trumpet,french horn,flute…and more)with hands on interaction and early years instrumental teaching with small sized cello,violin,harp,guitars and more are central to each class. Weekly classes are divided in to 5 week courses and cover all areas of the early years foundation stage, promote school readiness as well as support and information for parents to continue musical activities at home and with an inspiring team of musicians. Class sizes are small (usually 12 and under) to maintain quality and interaction with every child and carer.Courses are also offered and accredited through local councils and colleges as well as for community and outreach projects.

For further information about project management and for help organising arts events please contact
Cello by Anthony Padday 1999

Cello by Anthony Padday 1999